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Guided tours of the territory
Discover an extraordinary hinterland through guided tours.

FVG Marinas, in collaboration with PromoTurismoFVG, organizes guided tours to discover a hinterland that holds beautiful surprises from every point of view.

“Friuli is a small compendium of the universe, alpine, flat and lagoon filled, stretched amongst sixty miles from “tramontana to mezzod√¨”. Ippolito Nievo wrote this a century and a half ago, in the first chapter of his famous historical novel, The Confessions of an Italian.

This extraordinary corner of Italy stretched towards the East, towards Mitteleuropa, has not changed since then, it has only evolved, combining its natural beauty with a modernity lived with awareness and in respect of the environment and its history.

A story made of art treasures not always celebrated as they deserve, perhaps less known than others but just as precious, testimony of a territory that has always been at the crossroads of artistic cultures and languages.

An area that offers multiple experiences, including the knowledge of a rich cuisine and wine heritage whose protagonists are a wine culture of excellence and the flavors of unmistakable specialties of the sea, plains and mountains.

A set of unique places to discover through the 21 marinas of FVG Marinas.


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